James Mortimer Wills V

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James Mortimer Wills V was born in Denver, Colorado, 1976.  He received his formal art training from Western State College.

His favorite medium is marble and steel.  James' excitement for carving comes from the inventive process of creating and pushing the limits of weight, balance and strength.  He carves crisp fluid lines to form abstract shapes that appeal to your curiosity, inviting you to follow the lines around the piece and imagine what the shapes represent.

James draws his inspiration from his life experiences.  He has competed as a professional snowboarder in the world cup circuit, climbed Mt. McKinley, is an avid kayaker, and motorcyclist.  He has traveled throughout India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Europe, and has trekked through the Himalayas.  James draws on the beauty he has experienced in his adventures and shares it through his art.



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