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Artist Statement


I design my sculpture in the abstract because it allows me to capture a deeper implication of emotions and meanings.  Through my work I strive to portray the emotions of interactions.  They are intended to represent experiences and to explore what is captivating about an experience. 

I am inspired by the interactions of people, the forms a person creates, and the glimpse of dynamic space created by movement between individuals.  I am also inspired by what I see that is innovative and exudes purpose with ingenuity.  As I observe and live among inspiration, I associate forms with experiences. 

In each piece I want to captivate you with an enriching experience.  In the beginning the uniqueness of the use of medium peaks your curiosity, attracting you to the piece.  The direction of the lines leads you around the piece by implying movement. As you explore the form, the emotions it represents become apparent. The recognition of these emotions forms as they spark memories of similar personal experiences. As you reflect on the sculpture, you reflect on your life.  If you achieve a moment of pause, where daily life and worries are out of focus while becoming absorbed with the sculpture, then I have achieved my goal as an artist.  


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